Specialist Services


Structural and functional problems affecting alignment and mobility, developmental issues, deteriorating foot problems, tendonopathy, fasiitis, heel pain, bunion, clawed toes, metatarsalgia, flat feet, pronatory feet.

Noveon Nailaser for Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infection affects over 700 milion people worldwide.  NOVEON Nail Laser is proven to purge your infection over a typical course of three or four painless treatments. You will see healthy toenail growth in no time at all. 

Nail Surgery

Do you suffer from an ingrowing toenail that just keeps coming back?  We can permanently remove all or part of the troublesome nail.


Laser therapy uses selected wavelengths of light to stimulate key molecules in human tissues. K-Laser delivers energy from superficial to deep tissues activating a cascade of photochemical reactions that promotes cell function, enabling treated tissues to accelerate the stages of the healing process and reduce pain sensation. This is a safe and non-invasive technique that uses the body’s own reparative processes.

K-Laser has been used in various published studies as an innovative treatment for foot pathologies. Not only its mechanism of action improve healing, blood flow and pain, but can treat toenail infections.