We have a wide range of products available at our clinics to assist and support your treatments.

We have added below some of the more popular ranges we stock, if you are interested in finding out more, please speak to our receptionist at your local clinic.

Strive Footwear

Strive footwear for women provides ultimate comfort without compromising on style. Built with an unique contoured footbed which helps reduce common aches and pains related to poor posture. The 3D shape of the insole gently supports, giving stability and comfort in every step. 


All Strive footwear incorporates our podiatrist-designed ‘Biomechanical Footbed Technology’ which re-designs the classic flat footbed to the natural contours of your feet.

The Science Behind the Contours

Crafting comfort that’s not artificially created using excess cushioning, instead by supporting the foot in the very position it is meant to be held in.

Helping improve posture and reduce harmful stresses in your feet and body – a contributing factor to many common aches and pains.

We have a small stock of Strive shoes, boots and sandals at our Stokesley clinic.

If you would like to purchase a pair please call or email us and we will arrange a time for you come in.

Ureka Footcare Cream

A range of footcare creams forming a complete solution to maintain healthy feet. Formulated with the finest ingredients, Ureka is suitable to treat a variety of foot problems, luxuriously, effectively and above all, simply.

10% Urea Cream

for general dry skin conditions.  This will aid skin cell regeneration and dermal hydration, keeping feet supple and improving skin texture.

25% Urea Cream

for cracked heels and excessively dry skin.  Applied regularly this will quickly hydrate and moisturise the affected area.

Tea Tree Footcare Cream

Helps to control odour causing bacteria and prevent infection. Contains calendula to help moisturise and provide smooth, supple skin.

Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica products are based on the traditional remedies of ancient Siberian tribes. Featuring wild harvested ingredients, sourced from unspoilt landscapes, Natura Siberica work with these local tribes, bringing about positive changes in their lives.  We stock a range of foot creams.

To survive the extreme Siberian conditions, endemic and adaptogenic herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. When used therapeutically they offer unique health and beauty benefits

Tisserand Skincare Products

Get pure and organic skincare products for your daily body care. We stock a range of Tisserand products including hand cream, body lotion, hand wash, massage oils and more.

Tisserand constantly updates and improves their formula, sourcing and using new ingredient alternatives that are mild to the skin and, wherever possible, organic, and thus environmentally friendly.

Footmender All in One

Footmender All in One is a patented class IIa medical device specially developed to treat and heal dry feet, hard skin (calluses), corns, and cracked heels (heel fissures) with a single product.  

  • Effective treatment of dry feet, calluses, corns and cracked heels.
  • Triple action effect: exfoliates, restores and protects.
  • Can be used on dry or damaged skin.
  • Use once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week for maintenance.
  • Leaves no residue on the skin and is absorbed quickly.


Lilipos’ orthopaedic and foot care products are made with medical-grade mineral oil gels that easily conform to the body, ensuring a comfortable fit that cushions and protects.  When applied directly to the skin, the gels have the added benefit of skin moisturising and conditioning.  The orthopaedic and foot care products offer easy-to-use solutions for a variety of ailments ranging from common foot discomforts to post-traumatic injuries.

Pre-formed or Bespoke Orthotics & Insoles

After having a Bio-mechanical Gait assessment our Podiatrists can prescribe either a pre-formed or Bespoke Orthotic device to fit inside of your shoe