Nail Surgery

Treatment of difficult or ingrown toenails, that cannot be resolved by routine care at the clinic, can be treated surgically. This is a treatment carried out using local anesthetic for the permanent, partial or total, removal of the affected nail.  A chemical is then applied to the nail bed to stop the nail growing back.

Removal of a narrow piece of nail from the side can relieve pain and eliminate the cause of infections.  Sometimes nails are very thick and cause pain or discomfort from shoe pressure. In this case the whole of the nail will need to be removed.

The injection may sting a bit but it is over quite quickly. After that you won’t feel any pain, although you will still be able feel us moving your toe around.

The anaesthetic generally wears off after a couple of hours. You may feel some discomfort but this varies from person to person.  If necessary, take a pain relief tablet.

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, but it may take a little while for your toe to go numb and there is also a bit of paperwork.  So, overall you should allow about 45 minutes.

You will require weekly follow up appointments to dress the wound until it has healed (approximately 6 weeks).