Footcare Advice 3

Some advice to help your circulation While so many are following the advice to stay at home and stay safe it is also important to remember not to sit for too long. Just as when you travel on a long journey, sitting for long periods of time is not good for your blood circulation. This … Read more Footcare Advice 3

Footcare advice 1

Due to advice from the NHS and the College of Podiatry, Steptoes Footcare Centre has temporarily closed. We hope you are all safe and well.   It is regrettable we are unable to attend to your footcare needs at this time so we would like to offer some advice to try and help until we … Read more Footcare advice 1

Fungal Nail Infection – Is it something you are hiding?

  FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION Is it something you are hiding? Many people can be embarrassed by the appearance of a fungal nail infection. Some people no longer do activities they would like to do because of it. Fungally infected nails can pass the infection to other nails, skin, body and other people. Infection can also cause systemic … Read more Fungal Nail Infection – Is it something you are hiding?


If you’ve never had a chilblain, you may wonder what the fuss is about – and why some people quake in their sheepskin boots when the weather gets chilly. Chilblains are painful, burning or itchy red and blue patches that appear on extremities such as the fingers, feet, ears or nose. One in 10 people suffer … Read more Chilblains