Podiatry Footcare

At Steptoes Footcare Centre we treat people of all ages and with all manner of foot problems. We offer assessment of problems and devise a treatment plant to suit individual specific needs. If you are unsure of what kind of treatment you require, please contact our receptionist who will be happy to advise you.

General Podiatry

Routine Podiatry – A general foot health assessment and comprehensive footcare treatment, including nail care and skin treatments. Treatment of corns, callus, cracked heels and skin lesions. Advice on long term management of foot conditions.

Short Podiatry – An appointment of shorter duration for the treatment of a single lesion or interim care.

Podiatry Plus – This is a longer appointment for those who require more treatment than can be reasonably treated in a Routine appointment.

Nail Care – An assessment of the condition of the nail. Including cutting, shaping, thinning and smoothing of the nail as required to achieve comfortable nails.

Nail Surgery – Treatment of difficult or ingrown toenails that cannot be resolved conservatively can be treated surgically. This is a treatment carried out using local anesthetic for the permanent, partial or total, removal of the affected nail.

Nail Restructure – An artificial nail plate can be specifically sculpted to the toe, where a nail is missing or to disguise a malformed nail. LCN Pedique is a unique product used for this purpose.

Fungal Nail Treatment

The highly developed photobiotic laser system is produced by Selex Medical using state of the art technology.  Independent scientific research proves the photobiotic laser is medically superior to other treatments of toenail fungus.  The treatment is endorsed by leading Podiatrists in Harley Street, London and Internationally with reported success rates of 95%.


  • Anticipated to require 4 -6 treatments
  • Promotes healthy nail growth from 1st treatment
  • Visual improvement usually in 2-3 months
  • Not painful, only moderate heat/tingling sensation
  • No post treatment recovery or medical side effects

Also suitable for Finger Nails

Thousands of patients have already benefited from NOVEON Nailasering. To prevent the infection from developing into something more serious and unsightly, it must be identified and treated as soon as it is suspected.
For more information on the Noveon Nailaser please visit this link


This is a viral infection causing irregular skin growth.

Treatment options vary depending on each individual. 

Natural and chemical options available.

Neurovascular Assessment/Diabetic Footcare Assessment

Assessment of the circulation and nerve function of the foot.

Foot Massages

Foot massages help circulation and mobility of the foot, relieves tension and promotes relaxation and well-being.

Theraputic Foot Massage
Using effleurage and aroma therapy oils.

Holistic Foot Massage
A more involved Foot Massage incorporating therapeutic techniques as well as joint manipulation, reflex and acupressure points.

Holistic Services

Joint Manipulation and Acupuncture can alleviate joint and soft tissue problems

A pair of bare feet with a smiley in cream on them

Additional Services

Foot Spa & Exfoliation

Relieves dry skin

Warm paraffin wax bath

Intensive skin conditioning. Helps circulation and arthritic joints.

Nail Polishing