Footcare Advice 3

Some advice to help your circulation

While so many are following the advice to stay at home and stay safe it is also important to remember not to sit for too long. Just as when you travel on a long journey, sitting for long periods of time is not good for your blood circulation. This can lead to swelling in the tissues around the ankles and feet, strain on the veins and potential thrombosis (clotting of blood in the vessels). The symptoms you may get from Thrombosis would be tight aching pain typically in the center of the calf muscle. If you feel this may be the case you should contact medical services as a blood clot can move and travel in the blood vessels to other places in the body with serious health implications.

So what we suggest is regular gentle exercise within your own personal capabilities. Try and develop yourself a schedule to make sure you do some activity. Use times in the day that suit you such as after a TV show or before a meal but make sure you keep yourself moving. Vary what exercise you do during the day if you can e.g. get up a go for walk around the garden, go up and down the stairs, use an exercise bike or stand up and sit down again. Exercising your calf muscle acts like pump to move blood around. If you can’t get up then move your feet up and down and do ankle rotations and wiggle your toes about every half hour for a few minutes.

It is also important to drink plenty of water and avoid coffee and alcohol. Smoking also contributes to poor circulation by damaging blood vessel linings. Other things to consider are not to have tight clothing in particular sock tops around the knees and sit with legs uncrossed so not too put pressure on, or restrict, the flow of blood in the vessels.

Keep safe and keep moving.

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