Footcare advice 2

Dear all, we hope you are all well.

While our clinics are closed here is some advice for those with “high risk” feet.

So what makes feet high risk?

Some people may loose sensation and don’t have normal feeling in their feet. Feeling being pain, heat, pressure or general soreness. These are the early warning signs of problems arising and if diminished the awareness of problem arising is lost.

Circulation and poor blood supply is another issue which can be the cause of problems as skin can become weaker and the healing of wounds can be limited.

A poor immune system can also be a problem if an infection occurs, as it could spread more rapidly with serious implications.

In order to avoid problems prevention is the first thing. Avoid new footwear or bare foot activities. Don’t attempt self treatment with any sharp implements or chemical based remedies. Establish a good daily routine of washing, drying and inspecting feet for anything going wrong.

Things to look for are unusual discolouration such as redness or darkness, swelling, irregular shape, unusual surface texture or open wound or discharge.

If there is something you are concerned about you can call the practice or email us and we will get back to you.

If there is a problem generally bathe in warm water, carefully but thoroughly dry, apply antiseptic cream and a none adherent dressing if required. If you feel there is an infection or wound adding some salt to the water could help, but you should contact somebody for advice or treatment.

Please share this with your friends and we will add further advice soon.

Take care and stay safe