Footcare advice 1

Due to advice from the NHS and the College of Podiatry, Steptoes Footcare Centre has temporarily closed.
We hope you are all safe and well.
It is regrettable we are unable to attend to your footcare needs at this time so we would like to offer some advice to try and help until we can see you next.
If you have extra time on your hands why not use some on your footcare.
Try a 10 minuter soak with warm water and a few drops of aromatherapy oil or something that makes you feel nice. You may be suprised how relaxing soaking your feet can be.
Use a flannel or pumice to rub rough or calloused skin. But not too vigorously!
If your toe nails are getting long you can try filing straight across the front edge. Unless you are confident cutting your nails it is best not to try as you could cause an ingrown toenail or infection. Don’t poke under to corner or side edges of the nails as this again could cause problems.
If your nails are getting uncomfortable try leaving your socks a little loose around the toe area and wear opened toed footwear to ease pressure.
Dry your feet thoroughly and take care to dry between your toes, but being gentle not to cause any damage.
Use moisturising cream to soften any dry, rough or thickened skin. If the side edges of your nails are tight or sore rub moisturising cream in to relieve them.
If you have any problems with your feet and would like some advice you can send us an email to or leave us a message on our answer phone. We will aim to get back to you within a few days.
Please share this information with friends and relatives.
We will update with some more advice soon