Ureka Footcare Cream

Promoting healthy feet!

Introducing Ureka…
a new range of footcare creams forming a complete solution to maintain healthy feet. Formulated with the finest ingredients, Ureka is suitable to treat a variety of foot problems, luxuriously, effectively and above all, simply.

10% Urea Cream

General dry skin conditions can be treated with the 10% version of the cream, continued use will aid skin cell regeneration and dermal hydration, keeping feet supple and improving skin texture.

25% Urea Footcare Cream

Cracked heels and excessively dry skin should be treated with the more intense 25% Urea Cream. Applied regularly this will quickly hydrate and moisturise the affected area. Once the body’s natural balance has been attained, continue to combat the underlying problem with the 10% version.

Tea-tree Footcare Cream

Used to treat tinea and other similar problems. Also helps to control odour causing bacteria and prevent infection. Contains calendula to help moisturise and provide smooth, supple skin.