Fungal Nail Infection – Is it something you are hiding?



Is it something you are hiding?

Many people can be embarrassed by the appearance of a fungal nail infection.

Some people no longer do activities they would like to do because of it.

Fungally infected nails can pass the infection to other nails, skin, body and other people.

Infection can also cause systemic health problems.  It is better to start fungal nail treatment in the early stages.

Topical applications can be lengthy, tedious and have limited success and oral medication can have detrimental effects to health.


The highly developed photobiotic laser system is produced by Selex Medical using state of the art technology.
Independent scientific research proves the photobiotic laser is medically superior to other treatments of toenail fungus.
The treatment is endorsed by leading Podiatrists in Harley Street, London and Internationally.


Anticipated to require 4 – 6 treatments
Promotes healthy nail growth from 1st treatment
Visual improvement usually in 2-3 months
Not painful, only moderate heat/tingling sensation
No post treatment recovery or medical side effects

Enjoy having clear nails on show and participate in bare foot activities with the confidence that you are not spreading fungal nail infection.

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